Failout Vote – Pelosi’s Lack of Leadership

September 29, 2008

     Although the Republican leadership told Pelosi they would be able to get 70 to 80 votes today, but only ended up with 65 or so, you cannot overlook the complete failure that is Pelosi’s leadership of the Dems in Congress. Sure, her comments preceding the vote scared a handful of Republicans orginally in that 70 or 80 – Pelosi’s ill timed speech and its partisan tone, combined with her calling the GOP lawmakers unpatriotic, isn’t bipartisan coalition building whatsoever.  Notwithstanding the fact that the Democrats have a majority in the House and Senate and can pass this thing, they insisted on GOP votes as a cover (polls show heavy disfavor to this package).  So here are things of note:

Over ninety Democrats voted against it.  Pelosi didn’t whip her Dems on the floor like she would on some lesser issues such as organized labor.  She failed.

** 5 committee chairman voted no – this is the Democratic leadership – voting no?! **

**Every Dem member of the House Financial Services Cmte except for Barney Frank voted against it! All but Barney Frank!

Over 5 California democratic reps close to Pelosi voted no?!

Her remarks were clearly ill timed and ill suited – she pulled the thread on this fragile bipartisan group supporting this bill and let it fall apart.  I’m not a fan of this bailout / failout package – but her complete lack of leadership is ridiculous.  What was Obama doing?  Where is he during this time and what has he been trying to do?  Why was Obama not working with his party, the holders of the majority in both houses, and building consensus? 

B/C Obama loves staying on the periphery on this issue, criticize McCain who went to Washington, and is more worried about himself politically.  Always has.  Obama’s party is in the majority – they have the votes to pass it, whether the political climate is difficult or not, they have this on THEIR plate and THEIR leadership failed.  Remember it was the Dems who told McCain to “get out of town” b/c he was making it more difficult.  Right …. Failout Pelosi and “they’ll call if they need me” Obama are to blame – their party is in the majority, one is the House speaker and the other their nominee for president.  Good grief.

– AP


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