Palin’s Coming Out – She Can Manage By Herself Just Fine, Thank You.

September 29, 2008

If you go to Google News and you search “Palin”, the top eight stories are negative.  It is clear Palin has been carefully handled and this, combined with the concert of messaging from the media painting Palin as unqualified and unprepared has provided a unique opportunity for the McCain ticket.  As mentioned by my fellow TBV colleague below, uncage the pitbull, give her a gun, and let her get her groove back.  The media are aware of this opportunity and are already framing Thursday’s debate as “Palin cannot afford a single misstep.”  The truth is expectations have been beaten down, an ancillary result of the media’s portrayal of her.  If McCain and Rick Davis get the handlers away from her, and let her be herself, I believe a second “coming out”, this time with more hype and coverage b/c of the debate format, could be just what McCain needs.  Let her loose, we want Sarah back.

– AP   www.trustbutverify.wordpress.com

One comment

  1. Yeah, the liberal media is just trying to tear her down. She’s going to smoke Biden this week at the debate. She is a Master Debater. Anyone who needs proof should go here for photographic evidence:

    I’m Pullin’ For Palin – The Unofficial Tribute To Our Future VPILF

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