Obama Attacks McCain’s “Economic Philosophy” — read “Capitalism”

September 30, 2008

The “economic philosophy” he fails to define is “capitalism”, he just won’t tell you directly.  Obama criticizes its effects, but fails to define what this philosophy is.  The One is attacking capitalism.


– AP


  1. here ye, here ye! Capitalism must live on. Obamafiles – you are aspousing Marxism, Communism in one of its most vicious forms. If you want to remain a free society, step away from the Obama-juice – he’s really Jim Jones in disguise and you are committing suicide if you vote for lord barack!

  2. Calling Obama a Socialist/Communist is beyond ignorant. Changing the tax policy to 1990s levels for those making +$250,000 is not “socialism,” nor is being critical of “trickle down economics.”

    First Obama is a Muslim, then “pals around with Domestic Terrorists,” and now he is a Socialist/Marxist?

    I was honestly thinking of voting third party, but after this repeated disgusting display I really want Obama to win to discredit both the Neo-Con element of the Republican party and to discredit such politics.

    The sad thing is that it will most likely even further radicalize the Republican party.

    How long has it been since the Republican party has actually stood for fiscal responsibility, smaller government, non-interventionism, and social liberty? Record debts, inflated government, “pre-emptive” (or rather “preventive”) war policy, and imposing government into social issues…

    Do the Evangelican right even know what “Just War Theory” is even as they support Bush’s “pre-preemptive” (or more appropriately preventive) war policy?

    Do they not realize that George Washington reviled torture, as did Abraham Lincoln? Even as just recently the “socially conservative” political party was trying to justify the use of torture? They should be the ones DEFENDING that America’s anti-torture tradition!

    It’s really simply sad.

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