Sarah’s 2006 Debates

October 1, 2008

Joel Millman, WSJ notes:

“That’s the Sarah Palin I remember from the 2006 debates: positive, confident and upbeat,” recalls Libby Casey, an Alaska public-radio reporter who served as a debate moderator on two occasions that year.

That’s a contrast from the image projected by Gov. Palin in recent TV interviews in which she has seemed shaky on basic facts — performances that have made even many of her fellow Republicans nervous about the vice-presidential debate scheduled for Thursday. Her Democratic opponent, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, is a veteran of three decades of congressional deliberations, as well as two rounds of presidential-nominating contests with their own sets of debates. And it may take more than style points to reassure viewers rattled by relentless news this week of economic dislocation.

Despite Gov. Palin’s recent travails, Democrats seem to be raising expectations for her performance. “We’ve looked at tapes of Gov. Palin’s debates, and she’s a terrific debater,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe told reporters Saturday. “She’s obviously a skilled speaker. We expect she’ll give a great performance next Thursday.”

I hopechange she surprises people who don’t believe in her. I have seen the 2006 debates on Youtube and the one thing to note is that it was a seated round table.  She seems to be a better speaker in front of an audience, so unless we get Ifilled up, this should work out well



  1. great post — but remember to put a space between hope and change. Its the second word of the last paragraph. Great blog!


  2. Thanks, I actually consider “hopechange” to be a single word at this point in American history derived from its French roots. Note that it is distinct from “changehope” and its Mongolian beginnings.

    Great article. You make great points, but I think she’ll do well. Jack Cafferty reminds me of the homeless guy on the corner yelling at the trash can.

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