Chicago Politics Coming to Washington? No Thank You.

October 2, 2008

Dear Illinois Leadership – All Democrats:

Senators Obama and Durbin,
Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Governor Rod Blogojevich
House Leader Mike Madigan
Attorney General Lisa Madigan (Mike’s Daughter)
Mayer Richard M. Daly (Son of Mayor Richard J. Daley)

Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago?
– Body Count: 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago …. 221 killed in Iraq.

Perhaps you will do better with the Social Security System? I don’t think so.
– IL State Pension Fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country.

Perhaps your tax policy is better? Not unless you get high grades the higher taxes are.
– Cook County (Chicago)sales tax 10.25% – highest in the nation.

Perhaps your education policy is worthwhile? Not really.
– Chicago school system rated one of worst in the country.

This is the political culture that Obama surrounded himself with in Illinois and he’s going to “fix Washington”?

Perhaps not.



  1. Interesting point but would you rather have McCain in the big office with the Sarah Palin chick? I rather take my chances on someone who thinks before he speaks. Think about it.

  2. There really is no good argument for why Obama should be president. We would love to have McCain be PRESIDENT while Sarah Palin is Vice President. Do you realize that if Obama wins, this will be the longest job he has ever had. He has never done anything for more than 3 years. If your only qualification for President is that you want a good speaker that “thinks” before HE speaks, just vote for Obama’s teleprompter.

  3. Do you realize that if we allow McCain into office that we’ll be one heartbeat away from having Sarah Palin into top office? Someone who’s so detached from even the simplist policies and procedures. Alaska is not Chicago, Washington or any other mainstream society. She may have been mayor of tiny town USA but nothing close to this caliber. The only reason why she’s praised is because she’s a woman. By the way, she dosen’t even know the VP role! How could anyone ever defend that!!! You can’t. Be cool

  4. Sarah Palin one heartbeat away is fine with middle America and independents. Do YOU realize that when McCain wins, the left will have to deal with a Palin/Jindal ticket in either four or eight years – a middle class mom and a very successful Lousiana governor who cleaned up the Democrats’ mess they made of that state. Calling Palin detached from a “mainstream Society like Chicago or D.C.” is actually a compliment. Chicago has the highest sales tax in the country, more murders this year than U.S. deaths in Iraq, and has a pension plan that is over $40 Billion in debt (worst in the country). D.C. and the inside the beltway club of insiders clearly fears the rest of the country having such a commanding voice in a VP who is one of them. She has been a mayor “of a tiny town” as you put it, that puts her in touch with the rest of the middle class families in that “tiny town.” She led Oil and Gas initiatives for the state of Alaska, a huge energy producing state, and is now governor of the state. Obama has done nothing more than write and speak – he is a follower of the party leadership be it in Chicago or D.C. So you wonder how anyone could ever defend that? Well, I just did. As one of MSNBC’s few remaining viewers, I believe you may be the one severely detached by the garbage Olber-MANN and MaDDow spew. I suggest some good intelligent commentary instead. Palin is feared b/c she isn’t one of “them” – and that is fine with the rest of middle America who doesn’t give a crap about “them” – the people are getting a seat at the table, finally.

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