Even More Voter Fraud in Ohio

October 2, 2008

Courtesy of MM:

Yesterday they were registering homeless people who were not even from Ohio. Now we learn that election observers can even watch as the homeless get their thug thizzle on?  If the Opacalypse happens, he can directly thank Ohio Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner who may be able to fraud her way into his cabinet.

We re taking action mind you:

The GOP fights Back
Party working on multi-tiered plan The Ohio Republican Party always encourages EVERYONE to register to vote. But, they do not encourage fraudulent activities. The Ohio Republican Party is not taking this full scale assault on the law lightly. We have defensive and offensive options. 1. The Defensive- litigation A lawsuit has been filed with the Ohio Supreme Court to stop the 5 day window. Hopefully the Court will rule our way and close down the window. Then we can go back to the business of campaigning. We are hopeful the Court will rule by Monday. If the Supreme Court does not rule against Brunner in time, we will need to go on the offensive and use the 5 day window to our own advantage. We need to make sure all of our unregistered family and friends are registered and vote this week. We need to drive them ourselves if necessary. 2. The Offensive
The ORP is doing all sorts of things to inform the public about the 5 day window. On your way to church tomorrow, you may hear our new radio ad on Christian Radio stations around the state. We are also doing phone banking and door-to-door. We are also pushing our message via email to everyone we possibly can. Please forward this email to anyone you can think of.

Update: This is getting some fair and balanced coverage. At least people will know.



  1. I’m sick to my stomach. Voter fraud should be punishable by a minimum mandatory 5 year sentence in jail. Any subsequent violations should be up to and including life in prison. To me it is THAT important. Too many people have risked everything and died for our right to vote for some sleezeball to cancel it out. If we treated voter fraud as seriously as we should then perhaps there would be less of it.

  2. The feds need to be involved with this.
    How is this not criminal this is the same thing ACORN was pulling in Vegas.The Secretary Of State in Ohio should be removed from office.

  3. Prosecute them all along with Obama and Acorn. Someone needs to cancel Obama’s run for the presidency.

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