Throwing Words at a Problem

October 2, 2008

Our governent has not learned important lessons from our country’s short history…you cannot throw money at a problem nor can you throw words at a problem.  This so called Marxist rescue plan has passed the Senate and now awaits the House vote tomorrow.  Since the inception of this plan one thing has changed… the plan’s length.  It is now above 450 pages long.  That is a joke.  Washington is broken a needs to be fixed.  This plan will be passed because of earmarks and droplets of sugar to entice votes.  If there ever was a need for an examle for item-line veto this would be it.  The $700 billion, which is meant to bail this country from a speculated looming market correction depression will now be spent on Obama God knows what.  I hope Sessions and the like speak out about this plan’s improprieties.  Let’s cross our fingers.


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