Biden – Palin Halfway Point

October 3, 2008

TBV readers,

It looks as though Palin is succeeding at putting Biden on the defensive. She took command early letting Ifill and Biden know that she won’t always be answering what they want her to answer b/c she is speaking to the American people. Great focus on energy policy, defended McCain’s health care plan, and held her own on the financial bailout. As we enter the foreign policy portion of the debate, she is aggressive and holding her own … Biden should be owning this area … should is the key word. She is doing a good job coming across as a middle class mom, plain and simple. She isn’t pretending she knows everything, but is clearly articulating her position. As an aside, she keeps congratulating Biden for correcting or disagreeing with Obama over the past few months (pre-VP pick), and she is doing so on multiple policy issues – he is starting to not like it.

– AP


One comment

  1. Sarah is kicking tail and taking names. I tellya though that the first part of the debate I about threw my laptop at the tv, when the global warming question came up. Who knows what is the main cause for it is. It is ignorant for Joe biden to say that they know that man is the main cause of global warming. Thats like Joe say that he knows why god put us here on earth our mission our plan. PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK! Sarah just needs to keep going on with what she is doing!

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