An American Carol: Bad Friday

October 4, 2008

Box Office Mojo reports that it is finishing ninth as of Friday. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I do not intend to see this movie because the humor doesn’t appeal to me. I know it appeals to a lot of people. The type of people it appeals to will not go out after work on a Friday to see this. They will likely watch it on a Sunday afternoon after church and to get matinee price.  As you may notice from the link, Religulous featuring Bill Maher is 10th. This is not a victory for us.  An American carol is playing at 3 times the number of theaters as Religulous.  We cannot also say that it was for lack of advertising. I live in new York City where this film appeals to virtually no one, but I saw ads every day on television.  If this movie does not finish 6th at least, it is a failure.  Please get out there, by a ticket and walk into Beverly Hills Chihuahua which will be ten times as entertaining.


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