CBS: Obama 48 – McCain/Palin 45

October 7, 2008

New poll shows a tightening race. I haven’t linked to polls recently because they are depressing.  Things like this happen to intelligent people when you look at polls that show us losing badly. I still think that Obama will have a 2 or 3 point lead in the polls going to election day. The media and the Democrat party does not want to see a 12 point lead going in. While that may depress Republican voter turnout, it is much more likely to give lazy college students and the youth vote all across America a reason to stay home. There is no reason to go to the polls if the election is in the bag. Even a college student in a swing state that is 1 or 2 points either way would be more inclined to stay home if he or she thinks Obama will easily take another swing state.


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