Sarah-Cuda Manhandles Heckler With Charm and Grace

October 7, 2008

It’s near the end, but awesome. “Bless your heart sir, but my son is over in Iraq fighting for your right to protest.”

Or for his right to be a douche



  1. I’m not the hugest fan of Sarah Palin and I plan on voting Obama, but being someone who likes to listen to both sides, that is a great retort from Ms. Palin.

  2. I suppose it’s nice to see a heckler get their own, but as the proud father in law of a soldier in Iraq, I still don’t get this argument – that her son is in Iraq fighting for this guy’s right to protest. So if we weren’t there, he wouldn’t still have that constitutional right?

  3. Would that it were true.

    The soldiers are indeed fighting over there, but it isn’t for anything remotely resembling “our rights”.

  4. Actually there is some merit to that overused phrase. The enemy’s goal is to return the world (USA included) into a place where freedom of speech, religion, and rights to assemble are no longer allowed. If we were fighting on our own soil and losing then martial law would be imposed. I’m willing to bet that anti-war protesting was not taking place at the bottom of the twin towers the day of 9/11/2001. We were kind of busy that day.

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