A Kick in the Acorns

October 10, 2008

***First let me apolgize for the numerous puns I shalt forthwith spew***

John McCain has finally got the acorns to crack open said acorn of truth about The One and his alleged proven ties with the Association of Corrupted Organizations for Registration of Non-Eligible Voters ACORN.  I was angry with McCain for failing to do so in the Debate, but I understand why he didn’t.  He wants to look Presedential for the MSM.  Evenso It would have been nice to ask Obama about these allegations facts and see him squirm without his teleprompter or writers who are gearing up for The Messiah’s half hour special right before Halloween.  (I am still angry with this one.  It is going to preempt “Gary UnMarried” which tries to take on some serious issues but still has some laughable qualities.  Kind of like the Obama campaign.) 


Mccain has released a great commercial which demonstrates these ties and the cover up by the DNC to deny The One’s ties.  MM has posted the video and transcript.  I hope McCain is not finished with this issue.  I feel this has a more powerful impact then the William Ayers debaucle.  Americans seem to be too dumb to figure this one out, but ACORN and voter fraud is today.  Not to mention ACORN is on the payroll of the Obamanot Campaign to “get-out-the-vote”.  Apparently some people will be getting out of their graves to vote on November 4th a la Mayor Daley in 1960.  Good job ACORN…Chicago politics at its best.  I guess the ACORN has not fallen far from the tree.


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