Western PA is Racist Country

October 15, 2008

When will people like Congressman Murtha and Harry Reid understand that conservatives aren’t voting for Obama because us conservatives do not want a Socialist sitting in the Oval Office, regardless of the candidate’s skin color.  There are racists in this country, and there are most likely racists in Western PA, but to paint a whole region as a racist area is rediculous.  I am 100% sure the vast majority of this country would vote for an African American if they held the same values as the candidate.  I am conservative and I would have no problem voting for Condie Rice, Powell (if he could run), JC Watts, Alan Keyes, and many more.  I have chosen not to vote for Obama because of his views on the role of the Federal Government and his beliefs to spread the wealth…to name a few.

It seems to me Congressman Murtha is out of touch with his constituents.  Does he not realize what Western Penn’s hold dear to their hearts?  Guns, religion, and football.  Murtha has been downtrodden so long from his elite lookout in Washington that he has failed to notice that Obama is not for those who cling to such things.  Maybe those who don’t vote for Obama in Western PA, or any other part of this country, do so not because of Obama’s skin color, but because of his views.  ***As to the assertion regarding football – I am not so sure whether Obama is a football fan, but he looks more like he enjoys a good jai alai match.*** 

Here’s a thought.  Those democrats who cry racist wolf know that the majority of this country is not actually racist.  The whistle blowers want to induce White Guilt and to make us white folk feel if we don’t vote for a Black Candidate we are subliminally KKK grand wizards.  I have no problem not voting for Obama.  Not because of the color of his skin but for the content of his character.  Why should you?



  1. Two words – spell check

  2. You caught me. I spelled ridiculous wrong. I should be so ashamed. I have no problem if you want to critique my views, but I find it RIDICULOUS that you critique my spelling, C’mon. If you are going to critiqe spelling, then let me be the first to tell you that you forgot some sort of puncuation after your comment. A period would have sufficed. Plus instead of a hyphen after “Two words” you should have used a comma. The hyphen was improperly used. Thanks for the help though. I will make sure, from now on, that I raise my level of grammar and spelling to meet your standards.

  3. John Murtha does not deserve the support of Pennsy…

    Murtha called residents of western Pennsylvania racists (H/T: The Corner)….

  4. Having lived in Western PA in some past years, attending college there, and having married a girl from there, I can tell you this much – someone in Obama’s camp must have some photos of Murtha with a hooker or something, because he just shot his re-election chances right to hell, while doing virtually nothing for Obama’s chances. I’ve been in contact with the extended family up there and there is a furor blowing through the Alleghenies like you wouldn’t believe. The people from that area know there’s good and bad everywhere and areas you don’t want to visit due to the ‘makeup’, but a helluva lot of people of all races work side by side for years. Murtha’s challenger, Bill Russell, is a die-hard conservative, and has already jumped on this one. I hope he pounds Murtha into the proverbial ground.


    BTW…ignore the nit-pickers – I’m a gud spell3r but a lousy typ@r myself…and Michelle M’s my kind of gal.

  5. Great post!

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  6. My husband was born and raised in Pittsburgh on
    Southside. I wasn’t surprised to hear something like
    that from John Murtha. Maybe we just don’t want a
    candidate with strong communist leanings in the
    White House. Maybe we don’t like his close radical
    friends either. I hope the loud mouthed Murtha gets
    voted out. At least it will silent one extremely
    liberal nut job.

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