P.J.D.S.? What will the left think up next?

October 16, 2008

We are aware of BDS =  Bush Derangement Syndrome, and P.D.S. = Palin Derangement Syndrome.  I am sorry to say that the Leftists have now come down with P.J.D.S. = Plumber Joe Derangment Syndrome.  According to many, Joe Wurzelbacher AKA, Plumber Joe, is a relative of Charles Keating of the Keating 5 scandal.  Who gives a flying ass’s ass, and how is this even relevant? 

Could you please remove the tin foil from your head and get out of the closet.  If not, it is a little cold.  Please put this jacket on.  I promise you will be going to a nice place where you will get plenty of fresh air, all you can eat jello, and craft time.  Just go with this nice man, he will take care of you.




  1. Huh?

    So you missed the part that he makes $40,000 a year, isn’t licensed as a plumber, is a registered Republican, and hates taxes so much he currently owes some back ones.

    Those are the salient facts about McCain’s “Joe the Plumber” (who’s real name is Sam).

    The keating thing is nothing, but I do note that you and that one miss the forest for a false tree once again.

  2. Yeah. His name is Sam JOSEPH. My name is John TAYLOR , and I have gone by Taylor my whole life. People can go by their middle name, it has been known to happen from time to time. Stop the nitpicking.

    Nevertheless, let’s say all of that is true. Does that make Obama’s statement false? Is Obama still aiming to “spread the wealth”? Hell yes he is. I think it is you who is focusing on the tree, and missing the forest. Joe the Plumber is not the story. The story is, there people out there like my father-in-law who have jobs and own a business. In my father-in-law’s case he is a policeman and he sells horse trailers to make some extra cash for retirement. His business is going to fold if taxes are increased.

    That is the story. It has nothing to do with Joe. It has to do with Obama wanting to reach into the pocket of small business owners because he and the government feel they know how to spend it better than he does. Open YOUR eys my friend.

    Don’t start on Democratic plants my friend. Especially, in this case, where Obama went to Joe’s neighborhood and not the other way around.

    See here.

  3. The “spread the wealth around” comment is taken completely out of context. In fact, you yourself present it without any context. If you watch the entire original exchange, you can tell it talking about what happens when things are good, and people can afford plumbing services.


    You have to really cut up the conversation to make it say something else, as some in the media have done.

    I’d prefer to see wealth “spread” rather than “concentrated” as it has become under Bush’s leadership. Watching Wall Street get rich for 8 years may have been fun for you, but now I think it’s time they pay their fair shre. The disparity in income has grown astronomical in the last 25 years. Setting the tax code back to the one that balanced the budget before Bush seems like a good idea to me.

    McCain defending Bush’s economic policy is par for the course.

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  5. I thought watching the whole thing it was completly obvious Obama was talking socialism. That’s why all the attacks on poor Joe, it’s the attack the messenger when the message scares you. Socialism as in taking money from people he thinks make too much ( by working 80 hours a week for years, for example) not for roads or the military, but to give to people who often haven’t worked as hard. We sacrificed for years, worked several jobs while going to school fulltime to get where we are. Why should we be forced to give it to the government to give to someone who hasn’t made the same sacrifices or worked as hard? If we choose to give it we will, and we do, but what’s the incentive to work and sacrifice if when you get ahead the government takes it and gives it to someone else? Look at any country that does that, it doesn’t work.

  6. So, if a private citizen asks the Messiah a question and The One fluffs it so badly he looks like Stalin with a tan, th private citizen is to blame? Bullshit! Liberals are working hard to turn this into a politically correct police state and Obama’s minions are the worst of the lot. Want to investigate me? Fine. Go for it. Be prepared when the majority looks at these gestapo tactics and give the Dems the finger.

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  8. joe the plumber doesn’t deserve to have his divorce papers divulged by crazy P.J.D.S. people. he’s just a citizen with a perfectly valid inquiry.

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