Hey, Biden. Gotcha!!!

October 27, 2008

One major quip many have with the ’08 campaign is the easy road which Obama and Biden have had.  Tough questions have not been presented and the MSM has continued to toss softballs to the democratic ticket.  I.e., while McCain and Palin are being grilled about the ‘cuda’s wardrobe Obama is on the trail answering questions from Albert Clifford Slater

This weekend some in the MSM have begun to ask long over due questions concerning Obama’s socialist economic policies.  Biden, who has not held a formal press conference since September, thinks a question even insinuating Obarx and his Marbama’s policies is a joke.  No Senor Biden, you are the joke.  In Pennsylvania, a very important battleground state, two anchors decided to once again ask Obarx about his Cuban Castrabamic policies.  As the polite statesman which he his, Biden cut the interview short.  Way to show some class.  One might try answering a question every once in a while.

It is funny to see a live interview with Biden and his inability to even answer one tough question.  Whereas, Palin was dragged through the mud for a taped and edited piece.  Biden, how does it feel to be Palin for about 25 seconds?  The sad thing is I had to find out about Obama’s socialist comments and Biden’s gaffes from the “alternative” media and not from CNN, MSNBC, or CBS.  I even searched for the stories and I was unable to find them.  The MSM once again has shown it’s bias and sickening worship of an unproven socialist politician from Chicago, the dirtiest of all political machines. 

I voted today.  Make sure you do the same.



  1. After many hours of watching all of the reports on Obamas steal the wealth program I am just sick. So he wants to give our HARD HONEST EARNED money to the ones who feel they are being left out. Hmm , I say to that GO GET A JOB if you want a home if you want a better tomorrow then get out there and make it happen . The USA Government is not your money making cash cow. He has stolen parts from a list of FAILED programs that did not work when they were tried and they will only bring this Great Nation down . McCains cut the tax put more in the consumers hands will show growth to our country’s economic economy . If there is more in the taxpayers hands that will go back into sales and job markets where the tax revenue will grow as well . Reduce the government spending and increase the spending power of the US consumer then you have growth . Not giving it to individuals who have not worked towards it . We came to Oklahoma City over 12 years ago with a suitcase a duffle bag and a steamer trunk . Without STUPID IDEAS LIKE OBamas we have a new home , a nice car , good food and a future . We did the hard work to get here we made the sacrifices to have what we have and we did it without a hand out. If you want the American Dream then go EARN IT. It will taste better than being made to say PLEASE SIR I WOULD LIKE SOME MORE. I am sorry but my name is not Oliver. And by the way I am a NON Acorn registered democrat that voted for McCain. WAKE UP AMERICA AND SMELL THE MARXIST CRYBABY .

  2. I am a Non Acorn registered Prohibitionist and I appreciate your comment sfokc6126. If there were just more who could cut through the bull crap. You are a great American.

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