Rich is no longer 250,000, but now 150,000

October 28, 2008

So says Joe the hair plugger:

So, if you now make 150,000 dollars, that is the threshold for your taxes to go up.  Perhaps this is another example of Latent Patriot Theory. Joe Biden has gotten a chance to get to know Obama and he is trying to save us.

One comment

  1. Do you even listen to the actual quote or just what McCain repeats. Joe Biden said that the tax cuts shouldn’t be going to people making $1.4 million a year, it should be going to THE MIDDLE CLASS person making $150,000 a year. He used the number as a reference, someone in the middle of the middle class. What sickens me about McCain supporters is that they just take McCain on his word instead of researching anything he might say. From someone who looks into what both the candidates say, VOTE FOR OBAMA.

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