Trickle Up Economics

October 28, 2008

Reverend Wright must have learned a great deal from his friend Barack Obama regarding wealth distribution.  However, Rev. Wright decided to turn this concept on its head and take from the poor to give to the rich.  MM has posted a tour of Revernend Wright’s new mansion.  It makes me sick that a religious leader would take from innner city worshipers to build such a home.  If it were possible for me to respect that ass any less I would.  I bet he hopes God doesn’t Damn America for its capitalism or its IRC 501(c)(3) anymore.

Below is another video which Brit Hume presented regarding Reverend Wright…



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  2. So it’s alright if it’s Cheney or bankers – but not alright if it’s Wright.

  3. yes, Cheney and Bankers don’t denounce wealth or preach redistribution. They are unrepentant capitalists who love the money. Practice what you preach is the adage. It would be as if someone, say a former Vice President who got a majority of the popular vote in a Presidential election went around preaching to people to save energy, cut down on oil and drive hybrud car would use 30x in energy what the average person uses and would burn fossil fuels by flying around.

  4. Obama, as a trained Marxist who attended many Marxist conferences and learned Marxism from his mother who read the Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital while still in high school, would understand the following:

    The proletariat (lowest rung of society, wage earners) do not have the capital or the means of production, and so must work for whatever wage is available. Thus, a ‘trickle up’ or ‘bottom up’ economic plan is a completely absurd concept. Obama intends to remove capital from the middle class so that they can never store up enough capital to attain ‘the means of production’ or begin or maintain small businesses.

    Once he has broken the aspirations of small businessmen by removing capital (money) and the means of production from them, ALL Americans will be wage slaves, a desperate pool of unemployed who will have no choice but to work for whatever minimal wage the socialist elites are willing to pay them. This is why CHINA is producing so much, because they have 2 billion people, wage slaves all, who will work for meals and a roof over their heads because they have no choice.

    Obama KNOWS this, he has studied Marxism all of his life. He knows that it is necessary for men to have money and the means of production in order to ‘grow’ the economy. He therefore HAS to be deliberately planning to bust our economy and turn all of us capitalists to slaves. I guess if we resist, he and his buddy Bill Ayers will fulfill the long held dreams of the Weather Underground to kill 25 million unrepentant capitalists if they have to

  5. I’m absolutely amazed how many weak minded lemmings who are either are in a state of denial about all of this or are just willing to submit to authority so that the government will take care of them like all those people we saw with their hands up in the air during Katrina yelling for the government to help them. Can you imagine if this was the year 1776? What the hell happened to our country? I hope that after they march lock step into the voting booth to vote Obama into office that they remember to put urinals in the bathrooms of any new buildings they put up for those of us that still stand up to pee (no offense intended to the women on the right who have more balls than any of the men on the left).

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