Obama is Bringing His Sexlebrity Back

October 29, 2008

Tonight is Obama’s big night; a half hour special about The One, produced by The One, starring The One, and paid for by fraudulent credit card charges.  (Don’t get me started on Obama’s lie regarding public finance)  I think he hopes to dislodge any criticism from his fall from grace.  I may watch, but only if I have the need for a good laugh.  However, I say we all watch ABC’s “Pushing Daisies”.  ABC is the only network…excluding CNN, to turn Obama down.  Let’s watch ABC in “protest” of The Messiah’s political Sermon on the Mount AKA Higher Purpose

McCain has hit back at Obama for this special; I only wish he had done it earlier.  The release of his new ad “TV Special” has a perfect message.  That Obama is nothing more than a suit backed by a PR firm.  Some even think he’s an empty suit.  I seem to agree that Obama is not ready to lead.  The left jokes that Palin is a former beauty queen, but I can only think of one candidate who treats this race like a Beauty Contest, and his name rhymes with Nobama.  The Great One’s campaign has been in shambles over the past month.  The definition of “rich” is in an exponential freefall, Obama confirmed he mingled with the socialists while in college and afterward, his tax plan changed overnight, Obama wants a Second Bill of Rights and New Deal, and I still don’t know how much he has spent on his wardrobe or Biden’s plugs.  It is hard to think he can run the country if cannot even run his campaign. 

 If you do watch it, let me know how it goes.  I will post my full opinion of what happens on “Pushing Daisies” tonight.






  1. I intend to play a good hour or two of Fable 2, then watch Pushing Daisies on DVR.

  2. […] October 29, 2008 Earlier I suggested that instead of watching Obama, the East Coasters should watch “Pushing Daisies” on ABC; the only network to turn Obama down.  I just found another reason to watch ABC this evening.   […]

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