Obama on Obama: “I am not prepared to be President”

October 29, 2008

Before watching the video below, please click HERE to see Obama and his wife talking about his inexpience…among other things. 

In a separate interview, a college Professor claims that Obama has accomplished enough to be President.  The number one, and only, reason…He’s brought this country together.  If that’s the case President Bush brought this country together in 2004 because he got 52% of the vote, more than you have in most polls.  If that’s all that is needed to become President, Zac Efron (if he were old enough) should run for President.  He is the lead in “High School Musical” which is among the most popular trilogies in movie history.  Most people love him.


One comment

  1. In 2004 in McCain’s own book, which he read for the audio version, he stated that he ran for president because it had become his ambition. Not because of his patriotism or any other reason, but because of his OWN ambition. Yet in 2008 we accept that he was running because he wanted to make a difference. Now you are saying that what Obama said over 4 years ago is the same as how he feals now? Get some contenuity and then you may be a valid source for criticism. How about you put somemore information about Clinton getting a Hummer in the Oval Office. And not talk about how the economy was in its best shape in years. Get a life.

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