Iraqis on Obama

October 30, 2008

McCain Wins…in Iraq.

How can we trust Obama to finish the war in Iraq…and any other similar conflict…if the Iraqis don’t even trust Obama. McCain was the strongest proponent of making sure we being home the troops with honor, the Iraqis recognize that.  McCain was the one who wanted to increase troops for the surge, the Iris recognize that.  Obama wanted to immediatly pull troops from Iraq…he has since changed his mind…and the Iraqis recognognize that.  Obama wanted to cut funding for our troops, and the Iraqis recognize that. 

Long story short, if the election were held in Iraq, McCain would win.


One comment

  1. http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2008/10/media-refuses-to-release-video-of-obama.html
    Do you want this running your Great USA ?
    Vote McCain

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