Reagan – “we are a nation that HAS a government … not the other way around.”

October 30, 2008


Reagan’s words are so relevant to the decision on November 4th.  These four minutes of Reagan’s words still ring true.  I can hear Obama speaking on television as I type – and cannot ignore the empty words he is reading off of his teleprompter when compared to Reagan’s words ringing out of my laptop with substance, relevance, and meaning.

– AP



  1. lol you fail. Obama won. Reagan’s dead. You suck.

    • Are you 12 years old? B/C when it comes to informed discourse and debate, “lol you fail, you surely didn’t win, Reagan is one of our greatest presidents and revered by most Americans, and you, yes you, suck.” Glad to see the Obama marketing campaign worked on you – unfortunately, it probably didn’t take much more than the bandwagon’s stepladder! 🙂

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