Why Obama is leading in the polls

November 4, 2008

Say all you want about skewed polls and dispproportionate sample sizes.  This is why Obama is leading in the polls.  It is on the back of the uneducated who think government should pay your mortgage and gas.  Oh how public education has failed us all.




  1. […] the uneducated who think government should pay your mortgage and gas. Oh how public education has Read More|||The FMLN is leading in the presidential race in El Salvador scheduled for March 2009, and […]

  2. From the sounds of her, looks like ACORN got to her and gave her a cigarette.

  3. You need to stop spinning this. She is saying that under an Obama administration it will be easier to pay for gas and pay your mortagage because of tax breaks, new jobs, and a better economy. You need to really stop acting as if she said the gov. would pay her gas and mortgage because she didn’t. She said she wouldn’t have to worry about it…because under McCain there will be no jobs and gas will be $8.00 a gallon. Stop the fear tactics

  4. Thanks Florance,

    But it sounds like you are the one doing the spinning. You can have a good listen to the video .. they are her own words. Obama wants less domestic petroleum production .. not sure how gas will go down in price. Obama wants full cap and trade and effectively destroy coal-fired plants from operating, not sure how her electric bill will be lower. Obama wants the rich to pay her mortgage by taxing them more, not sure why the rich would stick around and pay for everyone when they could take their money and leave … or just fire some people to save enough to cover the additional tax (which puts her or her neighbors out of a job).

  5. How will more jobs help her pay for her mortgage and gas? How will gas up to $8.00 per gallon under McCain? The President has very limited actions he can take to change gas prices. He can decrease demand by increasing prices and taxes…no one is that stupid. He can fix prices, but that would only create gas shortages as he had in the 1970’s under Carter’s and Nixon’s price ceiling. Or third the President can increase supply. OPEC has already planned to cut world supply . That means the US needs to create its own supply by drilling. This is what McCain has promised. Obama admitted he wanted to only explore the idea of more drilling. This will do nothing in the short term

    ***You showed your ignorance on this issue by saying under McCain, gas would go up to $8.00. That makes no sense at all.***

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