An Inspiring Essay in Troubled Times

November 5, 2008

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter crafted this wonderful piece for the spectator:

Welcome to “Republican Rock Bottom.”

Possessed of no vision, no principle, no purpose, and no appeal, we deserved our fate.

Now, seize freedom!

Finally, we are divorced from self-deceits. Dead is the self-indulgent imbecility of “re-branding” — as if the Republican Party was a corporate product to be repackaged, not a transformational political movement to be led. Despite what the media will tell you, and what so-called “conservative leaders” will discuss ad nauseam during “secret” meetings, this situation is not a crisis. It is an opportunity. Today, we are as the Great Emancipator proclaimed during another time of national trial: unbound by the tired dogmas of the past; and free to think and act anew.

First, we must not mindlessly mimic the momentarily triumphant Left. Sleek, detached, media savvy non-entities posing as existentially anguished leaders are neither in our nature nor our future. We are not teeny-bopper, pop-star politicians or the ideological dinosaurs of wealth redistribution.

At heart, we Republicans are flesh and blood and backbone, the proud servants of people. If we re-orient our vision, renew our purpose, and reaffirm our principles, the times will demand us — not as we were, but as we must be!

While our party has pretended otherwise, this is no ordinary time. It is a transformative time in the life of our free republic. The economic, social, and political turmoil of rapid globalization has created chaos and, thereby, fertile fields for the Left. As Russell Kirk warned in The American Cause during the Industrial Age:

What really creates discontent in the modern age, as in all ages, is confusion and uncertainty. People turn to radical doctrines not necessarily when they are poor, but when they are emotionally and intellectually distraught. When faith in their world is shaken; when old rulers and old forms of government disappear; when profound economic changes alter their modes of livelihood; when the expectation of private and public change becomes greater than the expectation of private and public continuity; when even the family seems imperiled; when people can no longer live as their ancestors lived before them, but wander bewildered in new ways — then the radical agitator, of one persuasion or another, has a fertile field to cultivate.


Why is there a Republican Party? We exist to keep America the greatest nation on earth.

What is the Republican Party’s vision of America’s present and future? We believe America simultaneously faces and must transcend four transformational, generational challenges.

Specifically, Republicans see the historical parallels between the Greatest Generation and our Global Generation.

America’s Greatest Generation surmounted a quartet of transformational challenges: economic, social, and political upheavals; a world war against an evil; the Soviet Union’s rise as a strategic threat and rival model of governance; and the moral struggle for equal civil rights.

Today, America’s Global Generation must also transcend a quartet of transformational challenges born of our interconnected world: economic, social and political upheavals; a global war against an evil enemy; Communist China’s rise as a strategic threat and rival model of governance; and moral relativism’s erosion of our nation’s foundational, self-evident truths.

What are the Republican Party’s principles that will be employed to meet and surmount these challenges? We have five enduring principles:

1.    Our liberty is from God not the government.
2.    Our sovereignty rests in our souls not the soil.
3.    Our security is through strength not surrender.
4.    Our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector.
5.    Our truths are self-evident not relative.

What are the Republican Party’s goals? We will advance liberty, preserve tradition, and achieve constructive change for Americans in this trying time.

One comment

  1. Why don’t politicians say THAT in their speeches?

    I don’t understand? Why the show? The fear of opening up and being truly honest about their goals ambitions and beliefs?

    Stop focusing on the “issues” and more on the only issue. Truth and knowing beyond belief.

    Barak Obama shows a sliver of tenderness and emotion. A SLIVER and wins the election.

    People are tired of the issues. People want the truth. The opportunity for it is in sight.

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