Happy First Day After Election, PE-BHO

November 5, 2008

Israel launches attacks in Gaza

Hamas fires rockets towards Israel

Iran holds detained US student in torture prison

Russia to place missiles on EU border

The happiest man in America today is not President-elect BHO, but lame duck President Bush. W. is probably riding a segway doing a victory lap around the White House so happy to be out


  1. […] November 6, 2008 Dear God, the Obamacracy is starting its foot off poor;y. Not only are we having international turmoil and a stock market scared of the Messiah, now we have this in my home city: Mayor Michael Bloomberg […]

  2. HA! Now you Repubs are turning on O’Reilly! It is only a matter of time before you turn on YOUR beloved Fat Boy Rush! Then the obnoxious Hannity! All your heroes are going away! What to do! What to do!

    Quick, go outside and click your heals together three times and say “there’s no place like 1980, there’s no place like 1980, there’s no place like 1980” and all will be right within your radical right wing world!

    Face it, time is constant and progressive. Move with the time or left to be by yourself thinking about the good old days. You will suffocate in your self pity.


  3. Georgie…why don’t you come back here in 6 months and we will talk about WHO is the SHAM. Sarah Palin is a real American and that’s what really irks you…you have placed your trust in a phantom….we know very little about him and what we know is bad…can you imagine if either John McCain or Sarah Palin had the past question marks that Obama has how far would they have gone…he was given a pass by the MSM and many who thought it was more important to vote for a Black man than one with character, experience and loyalty to his country. I pray I am wrong but we will see just how risky our decision to cast common sense to the wind was in the very near future.

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