The Post-American World

November 5, 2008

Fareed Zakaria wrote of a post-American world where China, Brazil and Russia catch up with American dominance. It can now happen. In the next few days we will talk of ways to stop this from happening but the time may have come for the end of American dominance. We hope this is untrue and President-elect Numbnuts lied about everything he promised the liberals, but it is likely that we have now entered a post-American world. 

Welcome to tomorrow.



  1. You say “In the next few days we will talk of ways to stop this from happening” in reference to losing American dominance. But dominated people do not like to be dominated. That is why you are so bitter about the election. Why do you think other nations would like to be dominated? How about everyone not being dominated and people living in peace?

    If you dominate, you make people do things for your benefit and not for theirs. And you think those people you dominate will be happy with you? And you think they will love you and not attack you? Insecurity is the price for dominance.

    If people are able to work hard and throw off the yoke of domination why would you try to stop them? Are all human beings not equal? Why would you stop others from enjoying that which you are so keen to preserve yourself?

    Is this not the personification of oppression and evil that you advocate?

  2. Post-American World is about American economic domination, a leadership that has benefitted so many. We are not talking about imperialism here. Our economic dominance has allowed us to pour billions of dollars into aid for the people of Africa delivering them food and treatment for diseases. Our miitary dominance helpe to end World War II and helped to rebuild the countries we defeated. Our dominance has helped lift Mexico through free trade and has helped reinvigroate China (for better or worse) as a modern power.

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