We’re Not Going Away

November 5, 2008

Want to know why?

  • Employee Free Choice Act
  • Fairness Doctrine
  • Freedom of Choice Act
  • Nationalization of health care
  • Estate tax increases
  • “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (driver’s licenses for illegals)
  • Capital gains tax increases
  • Defense cuts
  • Liberal judicial appointments
  • Racial and ethnic preferences
  • Income tax increases
  • Bans on oil drilling
  • Global poverty tax/Kyoto
  • Advertisements


    1. The last 8 years certainly proved that.

    2. Hello I am a Christian not a republican or a Democrat. This the only blog that came up under a search for poverty. I support a lot of the right ideologies though their economic policies do tend to favour the rich.

      As a Christian looking after the poor is a core issue. Love God with all your heart soul mind and strength. We can see how we love God according to how we love people.

      Poverty is a core conservative issue or should be.

      Sadly I can make economic arguments for dealing with it but I won’t as this, in my opinion will only perpetrate the problem. And that is the tendancy to treat money as the end rather people (as a degree rather than quality, treating people as an end would be ideal but we still live in a fallen world).

      If you do not consider poverty a credible issue I will not be actively supporting this organization.

      A response would be appreciated.

    3. Hi Martin,

      There is a very good chance that you will be getting more than one response. First, thanks for coming to our site and checking us out.

      We believe that poverty and providing opportunities out of poverty are definitely core to conservative values. Two of the people that run this site, myself included are the children of people not born in this country. America has been a beacon in the world that people gravitate to in order to find opportunity and we want it to stay that way.

      In a recent speech Gov. Schwarzenneger noted that he left Europe forty years ago because he determined that he did not have the opportunity to become successful there and here he did. Conservative policies such as lower taxes and, especially, school vouchers, allow people from lower income brackets to have opportunities not available to them otherwise. Seeing as you are not in the US, we have a school system whereby your school is determined by your location. As conservatives, we would like to give lower income families the opportunity to select which schools they would like to go to and allow parents to be more involved in education which would create better citizens.

      As far as the role of government, we believe that the people that are in the best position to help the poor are the communities. While I am not a regular or even occasional churchgoer, I know that Christian communities do a lot to feed the poor, rehabilitate alcoholics and generally get people back on their feet. Liberal policies put this power in the hands of the federal government. Unfortunately, the needs of a down on his luck gentleman in Idaho are different from those of a down on his luck gentleman in New York City. A government with concentrated power and control of funding up top cannot help individuals as much as community governments and charitable organizations.

      While some see the differences between conservatism and liberalism on a social issue level, I, personally recognize my conservative beliefs on the belief that smaller groups are in a better position to effectuate reform and make the country more successful.

      Please come back and leave more comments and we can have a dialogue going. There are probably numerous spelling errors above so don’t hold that against me.

      – Yossarian

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