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The 2010 Grassroots Begin Today

November 6, 2008

Many feel this election year was won by the grassroots at the 18-29 age group.  Many also felt that the Republican Party’s inability to get in touch with the youth was its downfall.  Al Gore’s so-called invention of the internet has reaped benefits for the Democrats this year.  The New Republicans need to do the same.  Younger candidates, younger leadership, and fresh faces could be the key to 2010.  Let us start today; there are many important races in ’10.  As a Nevada resident, nothing would please me more than to see Harry Reid fall.  In my own opinion, he has sold his state out for power in the Senate.  The Grassroots need to be planted today in order to gain momentum.  This year’s election was decided on Tuesday…it is passed us.  Let us not be discouraged.  Start the revolution today.  A revolution for the return to our conservative roots: limited government, more money in the pocket of the worker, lower taxes, cutting or reforming inefficient government programs, and most importantly, a strong national security. 

We at “Trust, but Verify” have started a Facebook Group to get the word out today.  Feel free to join and please invite all those who want a New Leadership, Big Ideas, and Conservative Roots.  Join HERE



MSNBC’s Matthews: ‘my JOB is to make Obama’s presidency successful’

November 6, 2008

Tingle Leg Chris Matthews makes it official: Matthews Job is to make Obama’s presidency successful (much like his job was to help him get elected)  What kind of hit will the MMM take for being in the tank for Obama?  Stay tuned.

As an aside, it is incredible that NBC would actually have Matthews step out of his role as commentator and actually provide convention and election coverage- coverage that should be objective.  If they let him step out of that role again, especially after what he is saying here, which I hope is the case, NBC and MSNBC will continue to tank.



McCain Cronies Trying To Throw Gov. Palin Under the Bus

November 6, 2008

And Erick Erickson is naming names with his Operation Leper:

Initial list:

  1. Nichole Wallace
  2. Steve Schmidt
  3. Mark McKinnon

Michelle has the details of what appears to be an attempt by McCain loyalists to pin the blame on the epic fail on Gov. Palin. They are trying to preserve their Washington careers and looking to throw someone under the bus.

Sarah Palin worked her heart out. She energized tens of thousands to come out who would have otherwise stayed home. She touched countless families. I didn’t agree with everything she said on the campaign trail. But two fundamental conservative stands she took mattered greatly to me: She vigorously defended the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life more eloquently in practice than any of the educated conservative aristocracy.

And she did it all with a tirelessness and infectious optimism that defied the shameless, bottomless attempts by elites in both parties to bring her and her family down.

Shame on the smearers who don’t have the balls to show their faces.

Good job MM, you tell ’em

and from CNN:

Randy Scheunemann, a senior foreign policy adviser to John McCain, was fired from the Arizona senator’s campaign last week for what one aide called “trashing” the campaign staff, three senior McCain advisers tell CNN.

One of the aides tells CNN that campaign manager Rick Davis fired Scheunemann after determining that he had been in direct contact with journalists spreading “disinformation” about campaign aides, including Nicolle Wallace and other officials.

“He was positioning himself with Palin at the expense of John McCain’s campaign message,” said one of the aides.

Governor Palin responded with class and dignity:

Palin arrives in Anchorage after a long trip home from Alaska. She holds a press conference. Refuses to comment on gossip spread by unnamed sources and “small, bitter” people saying “foolish things”…on relationship with McCain: No tension. “I love him…I honor him.”

Responding to a question on whether she has any “hurt feelings,” Palin laughs cheerfully. “This is politics! Of course not. It’s rough and tumble and you’ve got to have a thick skin just like I’ve got.”

Palin expresses “disappointment in the media — don’t take it personally.”

She is right. For all his shortcomings, McCain is a good man that did an admirable job. The actions of his aides should not be attributed to him. Rest assured my friends, Gov. Palin will be around for a very long time. Consider the next four years to be a montage scene where Gov. Palin prepares herself for the national stage. In 2012, she will have been a six year governor and the top fundraiser for the GOP. Like Steve Rogers after he takes the Super-Soldier Serum.


No Inrcrease in Voter Turnout

November 6, 2008

2008 – about 121 million

2004 – about 120 million

All the votes have yet to be tallied but don’t expect some great voter turnout increase. We lost this one on our own.


What Will Happen To Sen. Stevens’ Seat

November 6, 2008

As you know (being informed readers of this site), Sen. Stevens in the span of a month has both been convicted and reelected. The Senate Republicans are not allowing him back in. So what happens? Prof. Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog has the answer:

There’s a bit of a dispute over which rules apply. The old rules (see here) provided for the governor to fill a vacancy and then to call a special election afterwards, if the term would expire in more than 30 months. A controversy over the last Alaskan governor appointing his daughter to a vacant Senate seat led Alaska voters to pass an initiative changing the law. Under the new law, the governor still may appoint a temporary person to the seat, who sits only until a special election is called in 60-90 days after the vacancy occurs. Because Senator Stevens’ term would expire in more than 30 months, there’s not much difference between these old and new laws, except as to the timing of the special election.

There’s a constitutional question under the 17th Amendment whether [a change by voter initiative] to the means for filling Senate vacancies are constitutional. Vik Amar thinks it is. I’m not so sure (I address a similar, but not identical, issue in this paper).

So, either way, the governor will have the power to fill a vacancy at least for the short time 


Bad News Already Out of the Obamacracy

November 6, 2008

Dear God, the Obamacracy is starting its foot off poorly. Not only are we having international turmoil and a stock market scared of the Messiah, now we have this in my home city:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to cut the city work force by 3,000, but that’s just the beginning of the pain New Yorkers will feel as part of the fiscal crisis. A slew of new taxes are also on the agenda. 

There will be 1,000 fewer cops, but the city will hire 200 more traffic agents to give out $60 million a year in new block-the-box tickets. 

“The gravity of the budget situation requires us to propose both deep spending cuts and revenue increases,” Bloomberg said. 

The spending cuts mean reducing the city work force. The revenue increases mean taxes — lots of taxes. 

In the current fiscal year there’s the 7 percent property tax hike that starts in January — and the plan to renege on a promised $400 property tax rebate. 

“I think the people of the city are going to be enraged,” City Councilman Simcha Felder, D-Brooklyn, said. “They’ve been told the check is in the mail on the rebate.” 

To close budget gaps in the year that starts next July the mayor is thinking about a combination of sales tax increases and income tax hikes. 

“Every city agency must push each dollar further,” Bloomberg said. “We’re going to do that and doing that means making hard choices that will not be popular with everyone or perhaps anyone.” 

The mayor proposed raising the income tax by either 7.5 percent or 15 percent. 

At 7.5 percent a taxpayer making up between $50,000 and $75,000 would pay an additional $116. At 15 percent that same taxpayer would pony up an extra $233. 

“When people are suffering to tell them too bad you might suffer even more next year is telling them to eat cake next year,” Felder said. 

Added Councilman Lewis Fidler, D-Brooklyn: “Nobody likes to raise taxes and it’s not something I’m planning on doing unless I’m absolutely sure we’ve exhausted every other reasonable resource.” 

But not everyone thinks the tax hikes will help the city’s finances. 

“Increasing the personal income tax would be a disaster for the city,” said Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute. “It’s hard to overestimate that fact. We’ve already got the highest local personal income tax in the nation.” 

The mayor said he thought his proposals would generate some lively discussion with the City Council. 

Council Finance Chairman David Weprin, D-Queens, said he’s going to hold hearings on the tax proposals.

To put it into perspective, we New Yorkers are about to get hit with THREE income tax hikes. First, we have the city tax. Next we have the expiration of the Bush tax cuts which will affect EVERY tax payer. On top of that we will have the Obama tax hikes.

Remember, there are some states without an income tax – Alaska (you betcha!), Texas (yee haw!), Nevada (dingdingdingdingding), Florida (where’d my dentures go), New Hampshire (we’re only known for granite), South Dakota (not those hick Fargoers!), Tennessee (Jack Daniels neat with a side of freedom) and Wyoming (there;s nothing interesting about Wyoming except for golf and Dick Cheney). All these states have good homes for us so it may be time to take a look.


The Road Map

November 6, 2008

Alright, indulge me for a moment as I get on this megaphone and lay a framework for what happens next. 

1. Accept It – we lost. we lost bad. Just because we saved Mitch McConnell and may have saved Stevens’ seat (temporarily) as well as Chambliss’ and Coleman’s, we lost. The map has changed. For two cycles we had Michael Moore’s erroneous designation of Jesusland and they had the coasts (consequentially where I live). The map has been redrawn and the rules are now changed. Several things have become apparent from this election that we need to come to grips with.

2. Abortion is approached incorrectly – Conservatism lost in Colorado and South Dakota. An amendment to ban abortion lost by 10% in South Dakota If it is going to pass anywhere, it is going to pass in South Dakota. That is a referendum on our agenda. I am not saying that we are wrong about abortion and the value for human life, but the approach is wrong. I believe that issues of choice and life are the wrong way to couch the issue because the other side will not listen when the catch word is released. Abortion should be couched in a two tier Robert George/ Peter SInger right/left analysis. First, are you willing to acknowledge that a fetus is a human? Second, are you willing to extinguish a life for the economic welfare of society? That is the question. Let’s remove women’s rights and religion from it and take it for what it is, a Constitutional right that some are willing to take away from the least of us. Twenty-three pairs of chromosomes is twenty-three pairs of chromosomes no matter which way you toss them. This leads us into 

3. The Rural Vote – the failure of the abortion amendment in San Francisco as well as the turn in the states (especially ethanol voting Iowa) tells us that the “redneck” (as Murtha would couch it) vote does not belong to us. We have taken the redneck vote for granted as much as the Democrats have used the African-American people.  I am not calling the Republican party the party of greed or saying that we have not done enough for the middle class. I am saying that we can’t win the middle class vote unless we explain to them that we are catering to them.  What is the best way to do so? Connect with them. The secret to the Republican Revolution of 2004 was that the new congress was the middle class vote. Pollster Frank Luntz gave each Republican running for the positions a football. At the rallies, the candidates would throw the football at someone in the audience who, when they had possession, would be able to air their thoughts and grievances. Those are our Joe the Plumbers. If we listen, we can help them. Next, we have the non-rural blue collars

3. The Union Vote – I have posted about this before and have gotten crap for this and will likely get more in the future, but our best bet for victory is to abandon Wal-Mart or find a fine balance. First, before I get into this, Wal-Mart is the best friend of the middle class there is. If you live in a rural area, Wal-Mart keeps your gas low and their prices low by providing everything in one place. Wal-Mart can allow a middle or lower class individual to live like an upper middle class individual. Wal-Mart is the biggest Republican donor. The problem is that the union leaders are anti Wal-Mart. We have the perfect opportunity right now to take the union vote. President Elect [ ] and the Liberal Congress are ready to institute card check. This will impair union members individual freedoms to vote the way they want to, especially in one state…

4. Target Nevada 2010 – After Kerry lost 2004, the nutroots, which I guess we are now, had a game plan to undermine the Bush administration. They targeted important Congressional seats, taking the House and the Senate and torpedoing our presumptive 2008 candidate, George Allen. To get back in power, we need to target Nevada hard starting tomorrow. Someone there needs to step up. My colleague, Reagan21, says to look to Jon Porter and Dean Heller as potential candidates to take Reid down. If you are in Nevada and are pissed, get up and start mobilizing.  But…

5. Other Senate seats – Because of our success in 2002, 2010 is going to be the biggest Senate race we have in the coming decade. We are defending 18 senate seats and they are defending 14 senate seats. Odds are in their favor. It is very likely that McCain’s seat in Arizona will be an open seat as well as Arlen Specter’s in Pennsylvania. The Democrats have numerous seats which they have NO chance of losing including Russ Feingold, Pat Leahy, Chuck Schumer, Evan Bayh, Daniel Inouye, and Barbara Boxer. If you are in Arkansas, target Blanche Lincoln. Libertarians in Colorado, what has Ken Salazar done to reduce government size? Jesse Jackson Jr. will be the Messiah’s replacement and will be in a position of weakness as an appointment. Jack Ryan, would you care to come back to the party and help? We can  take Byron Dorgan out in North Dakota if we organize early. I think that the Patty Murray Washington seat is competitive in light of the Oregon Senatorial race. We stand to lose unless we start acting up and taking care of business form day 1. Obama won, not because he was competent, but because he had an excellent ground game. We need to take that ground game and use it to our advantage, which Ieads us to…

6. The New Republicans Same As The Old –  Obama won by tapping into discontent and supposedly tapping into new voters. I say supposedly because at this point, the vote total is less than it was in 2004. Regardless, if we are losing the rural vote and are unlikely to gain the ignorant college vote, we need to find new voters. Besides the union vote, listed above, who shares values with us, there is another group out there that expands every year that we need to tap into. We need to tap into new Americans. The proudest Americans are those that have fled the oppression of their country to arrive here in the land of opportunity. As soon as they become citizens, we need to explain to them what our ideology is and register them as Republican. These individuals will go back to their communities, likely already socially conservative and become voices for the cause of small government. Although, there reaches a point…

7. Tipping Point – Not Malcolm Gladwell, but the point of no return. My friend and I had dinner tonight and we discussed this point. Under an Obamastration, we may cross the point where the individual making the medium income in America is getting more from the government than he puts in. That will push the tax burden to the one half of the people and that is something that there is no coming back from. There is no way to spread the responsibility for running the country back to all people after you put the burden on the shoulders of the few. If this point happens, look to see a massive realignment of state interests and renewed interest in federalism. We will want our state laws to govern more than the national government unless…

8. Foreign Policy – Joe Biden pretty much said it is inevitable that there will be an attack on the US or on US interests in an Obamastration. Just today, Israel launched missiles into the Gaza, and they responded in kind. Russia moved missiles to the EU border. Russia has been selling tanks to Venezuela. China always looms. Iran’s elections changed nothing. An international crisis is brewing. While FDR was preceded by Coolidge and Hoover who weren’t known for their internationalist tendencies, PE BHO is preceded by W. and Clinton who had a pervasive influence all over the world. He can’t just duck his head in the sand and hide from the harsh reality of what is going on. If he does…

9. Republican Leadership – Contrary to popular belief we have strong leadership in both houses. Blunt and Cantor are running hard and strong as voices of opposition in the House. Pence was one of the strongest proponents of energy reform and Boehner is there. Today we had wonderful essays about conservatism from Reps. Flake and McCotter, neither of whom I was aware of till today. I would also love to see Jeri Thompson (video linked) run for congress in 2010. In the Senate, we are weakened but there is still strength. We will have Mitch McConnell ready to filibuster any judges or the Fairness Doctrine. John Cornyn can take a leadership position. Whoever will replace Ted Stevens needs to be a reformer. Lastly, let’s face facts…

10. Rush is Right – Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican party, not the conservative wing, but THE Republican party. None of us bloggers who are in our 20’s would be around if it was not for Rush. Half our elected congress-folk would not be in office. He taught us civics growing up, he explained federalism and he has not become marginalized. Others, I’m looking at you Ross Douthat, have questioned Rush’s logic during the end-days of the election, but he was completely right. McCain did not bring any Democrats over besides the Hillary people who would have gone to Romney or Huckabee. They voted the way they did because of the way they were treated, not because of a special alignment with McCain. We failed with the conservatism and we need to win it back. Last night, Obama said that America has never been a nation of individuals. This collectivist malarkey is what Rush has been preaching against for the past 20 years. Trust him and trust us to guide you through troubled times. Join a campaign tomorrow. If not, find someone without a drug record you can believe in.  Mobilize my people!