The 2010 Grassroots Begin Today

November 6, 2008

Many feel this election year was won by the grassroots at the 18-29 age group.  Many also felt that the Republican Party’s inability to get in touch with the youth was its downfall.  Al Gore’s so-called invention of the internet has reaped benefits for the Democrats this year.  The New Republicans need to do the same.  Younger candidates, younger leadership, and fresh faces could be the key to 2010.  Let us start today; there are many important races in ’10.  As a Nevada resident, nothing would please me more than to see Harry Reid fall.  In my own opinion, he has sold his state out for power in the Senate.  The Grassroots need to be planted today in order to gain momentum.  This year’s election was decided on Tuesday…it is passed us.  Let us not be discouraged.  Start the revolution today.  A revolution for the return to our conservative roots: limited government, more money in the pocket of the worker, lower taxes, cutting or reforming inefficient government programs, and most importantly, a strong national security. 

We at “Trust, but Verify” have started a Facebook Group to get the word out today.  Feel free to join and please invite all those who want a New Leadership, Big Ideas, and Conservative Roots.  Join HERE


One comment

  1. I agree. It started on the 6th. Let’s get it on! I really like the discussion that’s already happening about the candidates, including my fav, Jindal.

    I will check out your FB Group.

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