A Message From Machosauce as We Walk Off This Hangover

November 7, 2008


  1. I appreciate your message in this video. You spoke well for “America”.

  2. How eloquently put . . . . well done Mauchosauce! Post more messages like that in more blogs everywhere. We need to hear more like them.

  3. What an articulate young man! Do I see a future Prez?

  4. Wow! I agree with everyone else, we need more people to hear this message.

  5. Man this is the kind of energy we need. I love the upbeat outlook and I was agreement with almost everything he had to say. Conservatives were voting against Obama rather than for McCain. Palin helped but they tried to structure here to much to the theme of the campaign. Got to be some of the worse campaign management I have ever seen.

    Fox had their article on the up and comers for the republicans. Interesting they left off Sarak Palin. Here are the faces I’m looking to in the future

    Sarah Palin
    Michael Steele
    Mike Huckabee
    Bobby Jindel

    Oh and can anyone beg and plead for JC Watts to come back… please please please?

    Machosauce really likes Allan Keyes and a few years ago I was really impressed with him myself. I just don’t know that he has is easy enough to relate to.

    I’m white that doesn’t mean anything accept to put some context here, we need to work even harder to recruit bright minority minds to the party. Unfortunately, though the conservative platform should be appealing to all regardless of race or creed, we seem to be to easily labelled the rich white guy party.

    Lets get some of these names working the crowds now. Not campaigning but get them involved in the community. Get them as regular fixtures on talk radio espaceially Hannity and Laura. Get them speaking to churches and civic groups about principled, passionate issues such as family, hardwork and responsibility.

    This is not the time to hang our heads but it is time to work and work harder for future of this great nation.

  6. EXCELLENT! Machosauce said everything I think and feel. Good job Machosauce.

  7. Wow! I think I would vote for you! I agree with all you said. I (a white, middle-aged woman, BTW) voted for Allan Keyes several years. Like you, I was not excited about this election until Sarah Palin came on the scene. The media certainly was not ready for her and didn’t understand her. It was like she was a creature from another planet. They don’t understand us either. They don’t understand anyone with a Christian worldview. That is such a shame since they claim to be the open-minded ones!

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