Osama Set to Roll Out Greeting to Obama

November 8, 2008

The Sun reports that Osama has a video ready for Obama. It looks like Osama wants a say in picking the Obama cabinet. PE-BHO needs to pick a good Sec. of State. While I would prefer a hawkish conservative. PE-BHO needs to do what is in the best best interests of the country and not select Kerry and choose Gov. Richardson who would be much better than Kerry

OSAMA Bin Laden is set to release a video threat to Barack Obama, fanatics have warned.

The al-Qaeda chief’s first message in months could come when Mr Obama names his first Cabinet.

Hate preacher Omar Bakri led the talk in extremist Arabic chatrooms. He said: “It will be fresh, addressing the Cabinet he chooses.”

In a direct threat, Bakri went on: “We will fight him if he fights against Islam.”


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