Jindal on the March … We Hope.

November 10, 2008

Good to see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal getting an early start:

JINDAL will be in Iowa on Nov. 22 at:

1. Cedar Rapids and will speak at the Rapid Recover Breakfast from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Cedar Rapids Marriott, 1200 Collins Road NE. Space is limited to 200 people. The event is hosted by Berthel Fisher & Co. Reservations may be made by calling Shelli Brady at (319) 477-5700 or sbrady@berthel.com Jindal is expected to tour flood-damaged areas following the breakfast.


2. Des Moines: Jindal will be the guest speaker at the Iowa Family Policy Center Action’s celebrating the Family Banquet. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Sheraton Hotel Grand Ballroom, 1800 50th St. in West Des Moines. Tickets are $50 each. Call 515-263-3495 or e-mail: development@ifpc.org



  1. I’m from Louisiana and have been saying for months that Jindal is the ONLY Republican that can take on Obama in 2012. Unfortunately, only a person of color can take on another person of color without being branded a racist. One of the reasons McCain’s camp never delved into Obama’s racist past.

    Obama and his pitbull buddies are gonna have a hard time digging up dirt on Jindal as he doesn’t have any! The man is true to his word & image.

    Come on, Jindal! Now is the time we TRULY need you!

  2. Jindal doesn’t have any dirt? I thought he performed an amateur exorcism? Yowza, that’s wingnuttery at its Talibaptiest!

  3. I an sorry Nathis, but you are severely mistaken. The story behind the “exorcism” is that Jindal was dating a girl back in college who was going through a rough patch. Her family was very religious and decided to have a priest look at her. Her sister asked Jindal to sit in because it would mean a lot to the family. He watched the exorcism and wrote about how the girl had a religious experience and noted that her personality changed before and after seeing the priset.

    Hardly wingnuttery

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