November 10, 2008

Francis Scott Key?  Nope this is the Obama hymn written by the great will.i.am. of “Black Eyed Peas” fame.  When we look back in 100 years this hymn will be remembered as one of the greatest pieces of political songwriting this country has ever seen.  I can’t wait until MLB starts singing this Obamymn during the 7th inning stretch.  What a great day that will be. 




  1. What is your point?

  2. Have you heard of satire? Do I need a point to make fun of someone who has written a song about Obama? A person who has done very little in his life to deserve a hymn of liberation. He is no Doctor King, and yet he is already proclaimed as the savior of African Americans. Wow. If I knew you would be this picky, I doubt I will ever post again.

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