Draft Michael Steele!

November 11, 2008

If you support Michael Steele for RNC Chair, please take a minute of your time and go here. get your voice heard and let’s put Michael Steele in as head of the RNC.



  1. We NEED Michael Steele to lead us the Reagan way!!

  2. Michael Steele was a great LT. Governor of Maryland, has good American FAMILY values! I will support him when he runs for President of the USA after Obama ruins us some more.

  3. Shraaf78 wrote:
    We NEED Michael Steele to lead us the Reagan way!!

    Alan Greenspan, a Reagan appointee and proponent of “Reaganonmics,” when asked about the current economic crisis admitted, “I made a mistake.”

    Wait, here come the men in white coats.

  4. 1-Why did you bring up Alan Greenspan when we are talking about the Chair of the RNC? It doesn’t make much sense

    2-Alan Greenspan said his mistake was trusting lending institutions would not conduct destructive and wanton lending practices. The free market would have corrected itself if there were not subprime lending mandates by Congress.

    3-Alan Greenspan is the 2nd greatest head of the Fed this country has ever seen. We saw economic growth from 1987-2007. He was also a governor of the Fed during the end of the Volcker years which helped us get out of the Carter disaster.

    4-Those men with the white coats are for you

  5. I do not know that much about Mchael Steele but the only thing that concearns me is that wasn’t he chirtian todd witman’s lt. governer, lord knows she is not a conservative..

  6. Our family is watching Steele and Jindal……

  7. He looks good so far

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