Governor Bobby Jindal on the Future of the GOP

November 12, 2008

One comment

  1. I like this guy alright so far. I think he represents a level headed and post-partisan faction of the conservative crowd. Much like Obama represents those things for the Democrats.

    Alan Colmes is usually an idiot, but he is correct that Obama’s plan had nothing to do with single-payer government run socialized medicine. I think that option sucks too, just like Jindal. But what is Jindals plan? How will he lower costs and make it affordable? What are these “real solutions”?

    Can someone please tell me what Hannity means when he says “free market solutions to healthcare, education, social security, & medicare”? What are those freee market solutions? How do they manifest themselves and written into policy rather than rhetoric? Mandates? Status quo? Privatization?

    Perhaps my friends here can articulate?

    I’m not opposed to free market principles to help revive and reform, in fact my definition of free market principles are vital to any successful American social policy. The irony is that the Bush policy and regime has done more to piss on free market principles as it relates to perscription drugs and healthcare than any adminstration before it.

    I’m just pointing out that its time for conservatives to get beyond the rhetoric and start telling America what they mean when they throw these terms around.

    I’m happy conservatives and the GOP are starting to recognize what a hack Bush has been, and how much he and his administration has destroyed real conservative ideals. Its just too bad it took him destroying the Republican brand before they saw what he had done to conservative pricipals.

    P.S–I can’t believe I ever doubted that Obama could take IN and NC. 328 electoral votes was way too of an estimate.

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