Joe the [Future Congressman (R-OH)] endorses Jindal

November 19, 2008

The true voice of the Republican party in the 2008 election has come out and anointed Jindal as our One: 

Q: The Republican Party was dealt another devastating blow [on Nov. 4]. In your opinion, what do you feel the party needs to do in order to successfully regain control of the government? Also, what should disappointed conservatives like yourself do following the election?

A: The party should remember that they are conservative Republicans — that has been forgotten. They no longer hold to their ideals. They blow with the wind on just about every public opinion poll. So they are not right-wing; they are trying to show that they’re middle or even left-of-middle sometimes. You have to remember two years ago, the Democrats loved John McCain. That is not what this is about. If you’re a party, you have to stick to your ideals. The frontrunners in the Republican Party have definitely seem to forgotten that. Governor [Bobby] Jindal of Louisiana seems to have the right idea. We have got to get back to the grassroots of the Republican Party and not apologize for being conservative

I will never crap on Gov. Palin because she can run circles around any one on energy issues. Unfortunately, this became an election regarding the economy. While Obama didn’t know his behind from his head about the economy, he did not make a fool of himself the way that McCain did. Obama sat in his wading pool of blissful ignorance and smiled his unintelligent smile giving people hope and change while the economy floundered. He still doesn’t know jack about how to fix it and never had a proving ground to show that he had the ability. Right now, B-JInd has the perfect venue to prove that he can turn around an economy. Louisiana was bad before Katrina and only became marginally worse after. Jindal should be able to turn the state around unless the one screws up the federal government to a point beyond no return. Let’s see what Jindal can do.


  1. I am crazy for Bobby Jindal. I think he would make a great President of the USA in 2012.

  2. So now you have Joe the plumber along with Rush as the leaders in your party!!! Way to gooooooo!!!!!
    Glad Reagan isn’t around to see what idiots you have become.
    I like Bobby Jindal……he is what a conservative used to be before the south hijacked your party to turn it into a racist, religious (pharisees)bunch of no-nothings.

    • Thanks for the informed debate Joy, and love the name calling. I’d love for you to quote where on the post it says Joe the Plumber and Rush are the head of the Republican party. Read again.

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