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Obama’s Attorney General Choice: Regulate Communication on the Internet

November 21, 2008

If the government can regulate pornography, Holder insisted while serving as Deputy AG during the Clinton administration, surely the government can restrict speech in general:

“The court has really struck down every government effort to try to regulate it. We tried with regard to pornography. It is gonna be a difficult thing, but it seems to me that if we can come up with reasonable restrictions, reasonable regulations in how people interact on the Internet, that is something that the Supreme Court and the courts ought to favorably look at.” – May 28, 1999 NPR Morning Edition


First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.  That appears rather clear.  It doesn’t authorize “reasonable restrictions”, or “reasonable regulations”, or what Holder really wants, “reasonable federal censorship”.


Obama wants to have Eric Holder as AG – it would not be surprising if his Supreme Court nominations share the same views as Holder regarding reasonable restrictions and regulations on internet communication as well.  The uninformed electorate never factored this into their voting decision – real issues that were never explored as to not disturb them from plastering “Obama” this and thats all over their myspace pages.  Congrats – It is unlikely these same voters will recognize what will hit them until it does – but it is clear the left is quietly advancing their agenda and positioning themselves to make very big changes – it just doesn’t sound like change you can believe in.

– Polymath 3