Roll Back the Bailout – Contact your Senator ASAP to VOTE FOR “S. 3683”

November 24, 2008

The bailout is a disaster – this is taxpayer money, being spent like a gambling adict trying to blindly make up for a really bad weekend in Vegas before the plane takes off.  Unless anyone has confidence that Obama’s team and the Dems in Congress are going to wisely utilize the $700 billion or the U.S. Treasury and our future tax dollars for that matter, and not take advantage of the situation by passing their green and social justice policies immediately and blaming the negative impact they create on financial markets on Bush policies and this meltdown – press your U.S. Senator to vote for the bill below to rollback the tax cut.  This has gotten out of hand.

Senator Inhofe has introduced a Senate bill to roll back the bailout. 

Call or email YOUR U.S. Senator today and ask them to vote for S. 3683

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One comment

  1. I brought this one up on my blog too last week, I agree that we need to contact our senators to roll back this complete disaster!!!

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