Jeb Bush to Run for Florida Senate?

December 3, 2008

With the news that Florida’s Republican Senator Mel Martinez is retiring, there is now some speculation that Florida’s former wildly popular and successful governor, John Ellis (Jeb) Bush, will run for his seat.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — the younger brother of the president — is weighing a run for the Senate seat currently held by Republican Mel Martinez.

Martinez announced Tuesday that he will not seek reelection in 2010. Asked whether he was interested in running for the seat then, Bush told Politico by e-mail Tuesday night: “I am considering it.”

A source close to Bush said he’ll be thoughtful and methodical about the decision-making process. He will consider the impact a race would have on his family and his business and whether or not the U.S. Senate is the best forum from which to continue his advocacy for issues such as education, immigration and GOP solutions to health care reform.

Governor Bush left office with over 60% approval rating and won both of his gubernatorial elections by about a ten point margin.  If we can gauge 2010 by the Georgia Senate run-off, an election without PEBHO on the ballot may spell good news for Republicans. The low approval numbers of President Bush 43 may fade and not effect Jeb’s possible 2010 run. Who knows, perhaps this spells another Clinton-Bush presidential race in the future



  1. Is Florida becoming more of a Democrat state with the influx of so many people from the Northeast, or is the state politically like it always has been?

  2. i’d vote for Jeb Bush if it wasn’t for an intense, sick feeling i get in my stomach thinking about it

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