Reid Defends His “Tourists Stink” Comments

December 11, 2008

Reid has attempted to defend his comments he made about the smell of tourists during the summer months.  After this comment at the Visitor’s Center Opening Ceremony, a resident of Las Vegas told Reid that he was the one who stinks.  Reid wrote a rebuttal letter to the Review Journal in his defense of the hygeine comment.  However, Reid didn’t even attempt to apologize.  Reid’s letter contained the following response:

“Much has been made of my comments at the opening of the Capitol Visitors Center,” Reid wrote. “Anyone who took the time to watch my statement or read it in full knows the point I was making: I’m always pleased when the Capitol is filled with citizens eager to learn about our country’s great history and the work we do in that historic building.”

Here’s my crazy opinion:  Not one soul besides yourself and your son Rory thought you were trying to say that  the ripe tourists were crazy history buffs.  Allow me an attempt to translate what your rebuttal was really trying to say: 

“People of the United States, I, Harry Reid, am about to speak.  I have been misunderstood and misquoted.  It was not me who got it all wrong, it was the 300 million people who live in this country.  My comment was taken out of context.  You did not understand what I was trying to say because you only focused on the ‘stinky tourist’ reference.  If you had only forgotten about that part and redacted it from your memory, you would have understood what I was really trying to say.  That tourists and Americans are awesome and they rock my socks.”

Word to the wise, if you preface a sentence with “I know I shouldn’t say this…”, “I have been told not to say this” or “I’m not racist but…” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE shut your mouth.  It would save you a lot of trouble.



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