“Are you kidding me little buddy? … you do realize I am from Texas!

December 14, 2008




  1. In the interview after this incident. Bush was asked about the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Irag. What was his answer? “So What”. Love the deniability that Conservatives have. You sent thousands of soldiers and innocent Iragi women and children to their deaths. “So What”. You USED the deaths of thousands of people to persue a war against a country that was no threat to our own for your own reasons. “So What”. Wow… This is this sites main man too. Got to love it

  2. Where does it say on this site that Bush is our “main man”. The site is called TRUSTREAGAN. Bush is no Reagan. He was on track, but then he screwed it up with amnesty, backing down on welfare reform and social security reform, and now with the bailouts.

    In defense of Iraq; what did we learn from the 9/11 commission? That we should have done something before we were attacked. The commission said we should have entered Afghanistan and Pakistan to hunt for the terrorists. We know that there were terrorists in Iraq being harbnored there. Pakistan was not going to allow us to enter because they are soverign and we had no right to be there. However, Iraq had violated 17 UN resolitions making it easy for us to enter and remove a MURDERING and TYRANNICAL regime. I think you have forgotten that part. I do not think Bush was a great President, but I am thankful he was in office and not Gore.

  3. Voodoo Economics was what Reagan supported, Voodoo Economics is what Bush 1 and Bush 2 followed. Under such economic plans the economy was shifted into deficits and only the rich prospered. Under Clinton, sex scandal not withstanding, the economy was BALANCED we had a surplus and more people could afford homes and extras that lead to higher profits for the Corporations.

    So we learned from the 9/11 commission that it is ok to attack a country that is NO threat to us?

    Why defend Iraq? You know terrorist were horbored there? From EVERYTHING I have read there has been NO proof or link between Al Qeada and Iraq until after we invaded. There was no Al Qeada in Iraq until we invaded. The only thing we accomplished in Iraq was Death and Temporary Democracy. Once we are out, UNLESS the people fight for their own democracy, it will return to the state it was in before we invaded. Why haven’t we gone into ALL the African countries that have experienced the same Tyrannical Regimes? The religious massacres, etc. That arguement holds NO water. We were told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Then we are told that it is because they harbored terrorist. NOW we are being told that the people were under the control of a murdering regime. Yes some good may have come of it, but how many MORE people have died during our invation than Saddam had killed. WHY did we go in in the first place? YOu are forgetting the reason we went in in the first place by replaying the talking points of the GOP. ARE YOU FORGETTING THAT BIN LADIN ATTACKED US, NOT SADDAM? Yet bin Ladin has never been caught and tryed for his crimes. Interesting how that works.

  4. Bush 1 did not followed trickle down economics, he was the one who coined the phrase voodoo economics.

    Bush 2 started Reagan economics by cutting taxes, but in the end was all over the place.

    The dollar under clinton declined more than any other 8 year peiod. The surplus came from foreign buyers buying our cheap dollar products. You might want to study economics a bit before opening your mouth.

    Once again your assumption tha Iraq was NO threat to us is way off base. Not to mention, Murdering regime is not a new topic. It has been around for 19 years. Furthermore, Al Zarquai, an al queda leader started al queda in Iraq in the early 1990’s. Stop being so naive.

  5. I think Georgie got his just deserts and I said so on my blog – http://ramblingsofanurbancrazyman.blogspot.com/ It’s a pity that’s all he got when so many around the world are worse off because of his presidency. I can’t think of a president in history who was more despised, nor I can I remember a time when so many things have been going wrong with the US. Thank god Obama is riding into town and that old deadbeat cowboy, Bush, is on an old mare hightailing it off somewhere no doubt to spend the gazillions he has horded in collusion with the Saudias and the bailed out finance firms. It’ll all come out in the wash of that I am sure!! It always does in the end!

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