Blago: “Everything Will Work Out Fine” (Not Stepping Down) … Hires R-Kelly’s Attorney

December 15, 2008

Remember this from a Chicago Tribune reporter a few months ago:

“Mayor Daley is the boss of the Chicago Machine, his spokesman was David Axelrod, their candidate was Barack Obama .. and who spoke for Barack Obama? … David Axelrod.  There is no such thing as coincidences.  There are no coincidences in Chicago Machine politics.” 



– Polymath 3

This is only the beginning.  Blago’s attorney knows that his client is looking at a stiff sentence … and he also knows that Blago is privy to information about all sorts of things ‘a la Chicago Machine.   It doesn’t look as though Blago will be resigning … so this means special election (to Harry Reid’s disappointment).

Bloomberg reports:

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich doesn’t plan to resign tomorrow, a spokesman said, contradicting speculation by the state’s attorney general that the governor might quit in response to federal corruption charges.

“Not true — the Gov has no plans of resigning tomorrow,” Lucio Guerrero, a spokesman for Democrat Blagojevich, said today in an e-mailed statement.


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  1. Most interesting

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