Obama is Now a Professor of Journalism

December 16, 2008

Today at a Presser, Obama was asked about Rahm’s alleged contact with Illinois’ alleged fraudulent Governor.  Obama’s reaction?  “Don’t waste your question.”  Transparency in Government at its best.  To be fair, the Federal Prosecutor had asked Obama to not release anything until further notice.  However, an answer to the question would have been nice. 




  1. Lets criticize Obama because he is doing what the Investigators asked him to do. I bet you would have criticized him if he went ahead and released the information. Get a life. He is president. He is not crooked like both Bushs, Reagen, or Nixon. He ran an honest straight forward campaign and talked about the issues. Instead of bashing his opponent, like McCain did. I am still waiting to hear what McCain stood for. Get over it.

  2. Such hopes in a politician-Americans fall for it every time

  3. Such blind faith – are the uninformed. Haiku 4 U, David H Sheeple.

    Obama Lama-
    mere man out of which many
    create their new God.

    Obama Lama-
    mere man out of many which
    creates their new God.

    Trust, but Verify – one of my favorite pearls of wisdom. Thank you! Keep up the good work, and stay inspired!

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