In the Tank

December 17, 2008

Via Hot Air:

WashingtonPost Media is at the epicenter of the inauguration, and the Classifieds team is giving readers the chance to send a personal message of congratulations to President-Elect Obama that can be read by millions. The announcements can be placed though the call center or online, with prices starting at $10 for the combo. TWP anticipates about 2,500 – 3,000 announcements will be posted, to appear in the January 20 inaugural issue and live online from today until President’s Day.”…

Here is the catch…

“All ads must be congratulatory in nature. The Washington Post reserves the right to reject any notice.”

It was not too long ago that a possible bailout of newspapers was in the future.  The WaPo had announced it was losing money hand over fist, yet it is unwilling to accept free easy money.  The Press was created to allow for diverging opinions in politics.  WaPo does not have to take the negative adds; it has that right.  That being said, why not allow your paper to be used for its initial purpose…AND make some money at the same time.  There must be a lot of rich Obama haters who would love to take let him know how they felt.  To tell you the truth, I would buy my first Washinton Post if it allowed shots at the new President.  Furthermore, it would be the first and last negative story regarding the One that would be printed on its pages. 



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