Future Senator Burris (?) Has a Monument to Himself

January 5, 2009

According to Politico, there is plenty of room on this for future accomplishments.  With no clear way to block Burris and the almost imminent Al Franken win, the Senate is going to be very interesting to watch for the next few years.  Our resurgency may not come from reininvigoration of ideals, but from the collapse of the Democrats from within.

– Yossarian

One comment

  1. Dunno about Burris otherwise (people I respect speak well of him) but on the tombstone and the names of his children I think we should write those off as cultural differences. This Black man is 70+ years old. Conventions may have been different in his youth. He made success before Affirmative Action: his accomplishments (if honest) are something for his family to be proud of.

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