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Breaking Down the “Re-Sodding” of the National Mall

February 3, 2009

“Stimulating Sod”

by AP at Trust, But Verify


The National Mall = 146 acres of green grass   (

1 acre= 43,560 square feet (so 146 acres = 6,359,760 square feet)

Sod = 60 cents a square foot (at least if you buy it from

Volume Discounts = available

– So, re-sodding the entire National Mall (6,359,760 square feet), at 60 cents/square foot, costs $3,815,856.00  Again, I bet there is a volume discount to be had on that much sod, but I digress.

– The stimulus bill that passed the House allocates $200,000,000 for sod and seed for the National Mall. 

So, subtracting the cost of sod, that leaves $196,184,144 to pay the labor for installing the sod.  So, say you offer $100,000/year for sod-layers using the remaining $196MM after paying for sod, you will create 1,961 jobs for laying this sod. 

Pretty ridiculous, but it gets better:

– At 146 acres, this re-sodding means 13 people assigned to each acre that needs sod.  Remember, if we pay less than $100K/year to the sod-layers, we can have more than 13 people per acre per year … but I’m thinking 13 is enough, they can rotate “one month on, eleven months off”, with an extra to help out if someone gets injured. 

– For each of the 146 acres, $200MM breaks down to $1,369,863 budgeted for each acre …. FOR SOD.

Who wrote this into the bill?  I want a name. 


– Trust, But Verify