Breaking Down the “Re-Sodding” of the National Mall

February 3, 2009

“Stimulating Sod”

by AP at Trust, But Verify


The National Mall = 146 acres of green grass   (http://usparks.about.com/library/miniplanner/blnationalmall.htm)

1 acre= 43,560 square feet (so 146 acres = 6,359,760 square feet)   http://www.onlineconversion.com/forum/forum_1109218421.htm

Sod = 60 cents a square foot (at least if you buy it from   http://www.countrygardensod.com/faqs.htm#cost)

Volume Discounts = available

– So, re-sodding the entire National Mall (6,359,760 square feet), at 60 cents/square foot, costs $3,815,856.00  Again, I bet there is a volume discount to be had on that much sod, but I digress.

– The stimulus bill that passed the House allocates $200,000,000 for sod and seed for the National Mall. 

So, subtracting the cost of sod, that leaves $196,184,144 to pay the labor for installing the sod.  So, say you offer $100,000/year for sod-layers using the remaining $196MM after paying for sod, you will create 1,961 jobs for laying this sod. 

Pretty ridiculous, but it gets better:

– At 146 acres, this re-sodding means 13 people assigned to each acre that needs sod.  Remember, if we pay less than $100K/year to the sod-layers, we can have more than 13 people per acre per year … but I’m thinking 13 is enough, they can rotate “one month on, eleven months off”, with an extra to help out if someone gets injured. 

– For each of the 146 acres, $200MM breaks down to $1,369,863 budgeted for each acre …. FOR SOD.

Who wrote this into the bill?  I want a name. 


– Trust, But Verify


One comment

  1. I want a name, and furthermore, I say it’s time for tax revolt in this country. Just this past Friday, Feb. 27 I believe it was, we had “tea parties” (like the original Boston Tea Party, protesting the British Empire’s unfair taxation of the original colonists) in various cities around the nation.

    We need more of the same – we need a million or more True Americans who are finally fed up enough to band together, and collectively, REFUSE to give these crooks even one more penny of our hard-earned money.

    What are they going to do, throw one million +++ of us in jail?!?!?!?

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