Muslim Extremist Kills Military Recruiter vs. Abortion Doctor Killed/UPDATE 1

June 2, 2009

Before I begin I want to start by saying that I am pro-life, but I do not condone assaulting, battering, or killing doctors who perform abortions.  However, that being said, homeland security should be this country’s most important objective.  Some may disagree, and say that the economy should be target number one, but growing an economy will be moot if terrorists are allowed to attack our financial system or miltary strength. 

For those of you who did not know, a military recruiter was killed the other day by a known Muslim terror suspect. This made little ripples in the media pond, however, because of the murder of George Tiller, a known abortion doctor.  Where are this country’s priorities?  The recruiter, William Long, is nowhere to be found in any headlines.  Instead, we are hit over the head with the garbage that pro-life groups are somehow responsible for Tiller’s death.  William Long’s death is an act of terrorism right here on American soil. Not too long a go, a plot to blow up a Synagogue was duped by authorities and the terror subspect’s stupidity.  Yet the media seems to brush off such stories with the back of their snobish hands.  We have begun to fall asleep at the wheel.

During the 1990’s there were many acts of terrorism on U.S. soil.  We did not take notice, nor did we react.  There was World Trade I, USS Cole, and the multiple Embassy Bombings.  What did we do? Nothing.  We were blind to the real threats to this country’s security.  We concentrated on other issues that drew away our attention.  Baseball strikes, OJ Simpson, steroids, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, the Tech Boom, or even the death of Princess Diana pulled our attention away from what is important.  The lives of the citizens of this country.

We are headed down the same path that he walked down just a short couple of years ago.  Why can’t we learn from history? Why can’t the majority of media members see through their personal beliefs and take notice that a Military recruiter who is killed at work has far more of an impact on our safety then the murder of a Doctor?   We cannot let this happen.  We have the interworkings of the interweb at our fingertips.  Let us memorilize the name of William Long and not let the media skew our views of what is important to this country.  Don’t be like the media.  They can’t even push aside their disdain for the pro-life movement for one second to report on the life of a fallen hero and the act of a cowardly terrorist.  Nor can the media report on the many attacks on Army recruitment as an attack on this country’s security.  Let it be known from the mountain tops.  William Long is and will always be a true patriot.

What was Obama’s reaction to this attack?  Silence.

Laura Ingram had am imsight into Obama’s silence.  Obama will be going to the Middle East…as we speak.  The last thing he wants to do is upset the Muslim world when this trip is meant to “chill” anti-American setiment and improve our international perception.  What a wuss.



  1. The definition of murder is the shedding of INNOCENT blood. Killing someone is a completely seperate matter. One can kill another and NOT be guilty of murder, so says God, but I guess the Almighty Government is a higher authority.
    I do not condone the killing of INNOCENT people. I DO condone, however, wiping the earth clean of its’ scum that suffocates us! According to the scriptures, in the last days the wicked shall kill the wicked. In the case of Tiller it appears that has born itself out. I don’t know Roeder, but from what I hear of him he did not sound like a choir boy, but then again that just may be media driven demagoguery.
    The “President” needs to open up that fat mouth of his and say SOMETHING on the terrorist attack that has just befallen this nation! I guess since the terrorist is black and the terror victims are white he can’t speak quickly he must choose his mealy-mouthed words carefully, if he speaks at all.
    The fact that he has said nothing even now, verifies that which I already knew, he is a straw president.
    I know that pretender is abreast of the incident. I don’t receive daily terror briefings and know a heck of alot about it. His silence only communicates that he either does not care of thinks it to be a law enforcement matter.

    • Your God sentenced the jews to cannibalize the flesh of their own sons and daughters (see Jeremiah) as punishment for disobeying him and you DARE to invoke scripture to argue morality?

      Your God is a punisher of disobedience the likes of which few men in history have ever equaled.

      Or are you going to tell me that abortion is a greater sin than forced cannabalism of one’s own infants???

  2. Added to this, apparently our new President has a disdainful attitude towards the brave men and women that put their lives on the line within our borders enforcing our laws and saving our citizens’ lives and property from disastrous events and crime as well. Despite being signing into law a measure marking May 15th as “Peace Officers Memorial Day” he FAILED TO APPEAR at the Law Enforcement Memorial service just BLOCKS from the White House. He is the first President in the memorial service’s 21 year history to NOT appear or send a representative expressing condolences for the families of fallen law enforcement officers and apologize for not being able to personally attend!
    What was so important or pressing that Obama couldn’t attend? He was too busy having a “meet-and-greet” with the Phillies baseball team and getting his photo-op with the press with the team presenting him his very own jersey!
    How disgraceful! If the baseball team was so damned (sorry for swearing Daddy) important he could have at least had the decency to send a representative from the White House to the memorial (which both Clinton and Bush (Jr) did only once, each – they were present every other year), make a statement, something…
    Instead he once again showed us that, in his warped mind, a chance to put his smiling face in front of the cameras at some media-bait photo-op is more important than expressing gratitude, concern, and condolences for the brave men and women (and to their families) that are keeping America (and Americans) safe from threats both foreign and domestic!

  3. Let’s examine the “180 degree” factor.
    Assume that Private Long was an African-American and the shooter was a member of a white supremacist group. What would have been the media’s reaction to that bit of news? I can only imagine that tirade!
    It’s not so much as “freedom of the press’, but “freedom to suppress”.

  4. Have you ever heard a member of the left wing socialist/communist side speak in full support of the military or the police in this country. No, and you will never hear this president give his full support to these groups either as this would upset his hippy hate-America supporters. Thsi man has grown up with domestic terrorists and was schooled by people that think America is the great satan and will in his allotted years try his best to turn this nation into another European socialist country where the people have even less rights than we do now.

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