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ACORN’s Method of Operation – Clearly this is Why Obama Campaign Paid Them $800K.

October 9, 2008

The whole video is eye-opening. Especially starting at the 3:00 mark.

Notice how they are complaining for not getting paid b/c of “fraud”. This is the “fraud” the ACORN community organizers were asking them to go out and do: “voter registration and campaign for Claire McCaskill”. They were asking the people they trained to register and campaign for McCaskill at the same time. When word got out, they disappeared and did not pay their workers citing “the workers committed fraud” when in fact they were following what they were told to do. ACORN should not receive ANY taxpayer money. This is “advance work” – the same “advance work” that the Obama campaign paid ACORN’s subsidiary $800K to do. However, Obama camp tried to mask it in their FEC filing by saying the expenses were for “event expenses, etc”. They had to amend the filing and the Pittsburgh Tribune reported on this in August. Funny how it doesn’t get mentioned on any of Obama’s news outlets (msnbc, cnn, nbc, cbs)

– AP