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We’re the Buffalo Bills (excluding the Superbowl stuff)

September 30, 2008

January 3, 1993 – In the AFC Wildcard playoffs, Jim Kelly’s Buffalo Bills faced off against Warren Moon’s Houston Oilers. At halftime, the Bills were down 28-3. Warren Moon was 19 for 22 and had 218 yards in the air. Jim Kelly went down and a backup quarterback that nobody ever heard of, Frank Reich stepped behind the center.  In the second half, the Bills came back to tie the game at 38.  It went to overtime, where Steve Christie won this thing.

We are closing in on halftime of this thing.  One debate down, we’re down. McKelly is busy dealing with the economic mess. It seems as if nobody believes in Sarah Palin or knows what she’s capable of.  While Obama is nowehere near as capable as Warren Moon, the media is pretty much firing on all cylinders against us.  This Thursday, it is time for Sarah Palin to shine and begin the comeback drive. It’s not too late to believe.

If necessary, the Supreme Court can be our Steve Christie.