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VP Debate: Biden Gets Many Facts Wrong

October 3, 2008

Biden Factually Incorrect:

Biden said: McCain voted on the same way on the budget resolution as Obama did. [FALSE]

Answer: Those votes were held on 3/14 and 6/4, McCain votes no, Obama voted yes. In that resolution, there is a provision calling for a tax increase starting on people making as low $42,000/year.

Biden said: Under Obama people will not pay more taxes than they did under Reagan. [FALSE]

Answer: The top rate under Reagan was 28% and under Clinton it was 39.5% … Obama wants to increase it to 39.5%

Biden said: It would take at least ten years to get any oil from new production. [FALSE]

Answer: Not true, it would take a year or two in some instances.

Biden said: The “Use of Force” resolution was NOT a war resolution / authorization for war. [FALSE]

Answer: Yes it was.

Biden said: McCain voted the same way Obama did with funding the troops. [FALSE]

Answer: Look at the final passage vote, McCain voted yes, Obama voted no to funding the troops.

Biden said: The United States spends more in three weeks in Iraq as we have in the past seven years in Afghanistan. [FALSE]

Answer: That is inaccurate – no spending figures support that assertion.

Biden said: That Article I of the Constitution refers to the Executive branch. [FALSE]

Answer: Article I refers to the Legislative Branch – (and he graduated from law school and serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee in charge of the federal courts)

Biden said: He said there was a windfall profits tax in Alaska. [FALSE]

Answer: No there is no such tax.

Biden said: McCain opposed President Clinton on Bosnia. [FALSE]

Answer: Incorrect

Biden said: Pakistan could hit Israel with a nuclear missle. [FALSE]

Answer: Pakistan is 2,198 miles away from Israel, their longest range missle has a range of 1200 miles.

Sounds Like Socialism Quote of the Night: “We don’t call it redistribution we call that ‘fairness’.” – Joe Biden

– AP